Dr. Oliver Nussbaumer has been working in the clinical translation of cellular therapies for over 10 years. Oliver’s initial research interest at the Medical University of Innsbruck was to understand and translate dendritic cell vaccines. Led by intriguing research results, he specialised in unconventional T-cells, γδ T-cells and their potential use for the treatment of cancer. In 2013, Oliver joined Professor Adrian Hayday’s working groups at King’s College London, the Cancer Research UK Lincoln Inn Fields laboratory and the Francis Crick Institute.

Oliver has published multiple papers on the biology, potential and translation of human γδ T-cells. He built expertise and pioneering methods to isolate, expand and study human tissue resident γδ T-cells for clinical use, leading to over 10 international patent applications. Oliver’s research was supported by the Medical Research Council and recognised with Industry awards by Sanofi, the Austrian Ministry of Science and the Austrian Society of Immunology.

In 2016, together with Professor Hayday, Oliver founded GammaDelta Therapeutics and joined the company full-time shortly after as Head of Cell Research, responsible for process development. In 2018, he was appointed as Head of Immunology and is now leading on early process development, pre-clinical research and discovery. Oliver is also a scientific co-founder of Adaptate Biotechnologies, a GammaDelta Therapeutics’ spin-out, focusing on the clinical modulation of γδ T-cells using unique antibodies.