Adaptate Biotherapeutics formed to develop antibody-based therapies that modulate gamma delta T-cells

Tissue Resident Gamma Delta T Cells for transformative Immunotherapies

Our unique and pioneering approach to targeted gamma delta T cell therapy could revolutionise immunotherapy for patients

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GammaDelta Therapeutics’ innovative and unique approach to Immunotherapy has the potential to make a significant impact on the treatment of cancer and auto-immune diseases. 

Gamma delta T cells are a unique and conserved population of lymphocytes that contribute to many types of immune responses and immunopathologies. The new company is focused on exploiting the unique characteristics of tissue derived gamma delta T cells.

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Strategic Partners

Taking ground-breaking research to a viable medicine or innovative modalities of treatment needs an experienced, passionate, dedicated team and the support of key partners. GammaDelta Therapeutics has built partnerships with some of the most prestigious Institutions in oncology, immune therapy and life science investment.

Abingworth LLP
Kings College London
The Francis Crick Institute
Cancer Research Technology