Paolo Paoletti, CEO of GammaDelta Therapeutics celebrated in the 2019 Maserati 100 Innovators of the year award.
News 11th Jan 2018

GammaDelta Therapeutics named as one of the top European biotech companies to watch in 2018

"GammaDelta Therapeutics is taking a whole new approach to T cells by focusing on the gamma-delta variety, which may have potential in allogeneic cell therapy. Since the company raised seed funding from the likes of Abingworth in September 2016 and recruited oncology veteran Paolo Paoletti to lead the company in May last year, GammaDelta signed a major partnership with Takeda to develop its technology for cancer and autoinflammatory diseases. While it’s still at an early stage of scientific and business development, we’re looking forward to seeing where GammaDelta goes this year."

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