Our mission

GammaDelta Therapeutics aims to harness the unique properties of γδ T cells to improve patient outcomes and survival rates among patients with haematological malignancies and solid tumours.

Our mission is to deliver highly effective allogeneic immunotherapies based on the unique properties of Vδ1+ T cells with potential to provide additional benefits towards patient survival in the treatment of cancers. Our proprietary isolation and expansion protocols have the ability to selectively generate Vδ1+ T cell populations suitable for clinical application.

Our history

GammaDelta Therapeutics is a UK headquartered biotechnology company founded upon world-class academic research conducted by Professor Adrian Hayday and Dr Oliver Nussbaumer, at King’s College London and the Francis Crick Institute and supported by Cancer Research Technology.

Our company and technologies have attracted significant investment from Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Abingworth. 

In 2018 GammaDelta Therapeutics acquired Lymphact – Lymphocyte Activation Technologies, S.A. to provide access to a complementary technology platform to derive a subset of γδ T cells from blood.

GammaDelta Therapeutics is the only company with the capability to generate both blood-and tissue-derived allogeneic immunotherapies based on Vδ1+ T cells with potential to provide additional patient benefit in the treatment of haematological malignancies and solid tumours.

GammaDelta Therapeutics has developed and optimised in-house proprietary platforms for selective isolation and expansion of Vδ1+ T cell populations from human tissues. This technology has been leveraged alongside complementary expertise and ground-breaking research from the laboratory of Professor Bruno Silva-Santos at the University of Lisbon to isolate and expand Vδ1+ T cells from human blood.

This rapidly evolving area of biotechnology has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of many cancers, bringing benefits to patients and healthcare providers. Our technologies aim to facilitate development of and access to cost-effective allogeneic cell therapies. 

To learn more about our technology and the science supporting innovations at GammaDelta Therapeutics please contact us.

Scientific founders

Adrian Hayday, FRS, FMedSci

Scientific Founder

Oliver Nussbaumer, PhD

Scientific Founder

Bruno Silva-Santos, PhD

Scientific Founder, Lymphact

Board of Directors

Peter Goodfellow, DPhil

Chairman of the Board

Adrian Hayday, FRS, FMedSci

Scientific Founder

Paolo Paoletti, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Haines

Board Member

Heather Huet, PhD

Board Member

Mike Owen, PhD

Board Member

Management team

Paolo Paoletti, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Koslowski, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dayle Hogg, DPhil

Chief Operating Officer

Elena Ritsou, PhD, MBA

Chief Business Officer

Vicki Coutinho, PhD

Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Quality